Work by our Turners

This page provides a place for our turners to display their turned items or even work in progress. You can upload images of your work on the page: Upload Work.

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Hollow Form

Turner: Carel van der Merwe

Wood: Jackalberry

Description: This is Carel’s first item turned with jackal berry wood. He finished the piece with Woodoc antique wax.

Grendeldag Finalé!

Turner: Charlie Letsoale and Piet Smith

Wood: Brown Ivory (Berchemia discolor)


Lock Down Bowl

Turner: Riaan Booyens

Wood: Kiaat, Havea and Purpleheart




Floor Lamp

Turner: Dion Koch

Wood: Rhodesian teak and Jacaranda.

Single Plank Bowl

Turner: Dion Koch

Wood: American walnut, Rosewood and Purple heart.

All That Remains

Turner: Roy Gibbs

Wood: Karree

Description: The last large piece from a karree stump I obtained some years ago and the most challenging bowl I have ever attempted. Much of the wood was decayed or had disappeared through veld fire etc. Turning speed was slow (500 rpm max) because it was unbalanced and light tool pressure necessary because of the many voids. A very sharp edge was needed at all times and I used Blackline cutting inserts for shaping the outside and hollowing. I wore gloves and a Stihl hard hat with facemask when turning. One section came adrift but was reattached using two blackwood inserts. All sanding was by hand off the lathe and the outer surface has been bleached while the inside coloured with a diluted black dye to give contrast to the bowl. The bowl measures 30 x 20 cm and well over 60 hours was spent working on it.


Salad Servers

Turner: Roy Gibbs

Wood: Boekenhout


Description: A pair of wooden forks for tossing and serving salads. A piece of boekenhout measuring 60 x 7 x 2.3 cm was mounted on the outboard setup of my lathe with a faceplate. The concave curve of the forks was shaped and as I cannot get the toolrest behind the lathe head, I reversed the piece of wood on the faceplate and formed the convex curve of the fork. The tines were cut on a table saw using a jig to hold each end upright and against the fence. Then, after cutting the piece in half, I cut away some waste wood on the bandsaw.The tines were lightly held in a chuck and a rotating tailstock positioned to hold the opposite end. The handle was turned to a cylinder and then shaped and blended to the tines. The handle was sanded on the lathe and the tines by hand.

Utility Items

Turner: Frans Joubert











Description: Frans Joubert from the Wits Woodworkers Association is a very keen and versatile turner of utility items. On the top left is a small collection of fountain pens, top right is french knitting spools turned out of pine brandering,middle left peppermills out of wild olive and stinkwood, middle right a french rolling pen with celtic knot out of african rosewood laminated with imbuia strips, bottom left spinning tops turned entirely with a skew and bottom right 20 beefwood cigar ballpoint pens