John Wessels

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John Wessels, South Africa; John’s life begin at the end of April 1945. After school he went to UPhoto. Johnniversity and completed a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He worked in this field for six years and could not take the commuting to work and the four walls of the office. He always wanted to fly, so he took the bull by the horns, spent every penny earned on flying. This enabled him to obtain all the necessary license. He was accepted in 1975 by South African Airways, and flew for them for thirty years until retirement at age sixty in 2005.

Since then he decided to start wood turning as he had a fondness for Industrial Art at school from the early age of 13. It was also where he was introduced to a wood lathe. At the age of ten his mother took him with her to sheet pewter lessons, which was all the rage in the mid-fifties. The first piece he showed at the AWSA Symposium in 2006 had sheet pewter as the surface enhancement. Since then he went to a demonstration at AWGB and met Simon Hope, who introduced him to cast pewter. In France, when demonstrating at their Symposium, Christophe Nancy did the language interpretation at some of his demonstrations. He introduced him to roof solder: A mixture of Tin and Lead. All this had directed him to where he is now, using sheet pewter, cast pewter, roof solder; plumbers solder wire and silver rods, to enhance his turned art.

There are several website with information on and images of John’s work. Just search for “John Wessels Woodturner”